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File Sharing Programs What Are They

Like downloading music? Find out more about the many file sharing programs on the planet.

You may not own a file sharing program but in fact there are quite a few out there. They are designed to allow users to share files between their computers.

There has been a lot of controversy over whether or not this is actually copyright infringement. In some instances however recently there has been rulings both in the US, Canada and Europe that state it actually is not copyright infringement depending on the file type. Many file sharing porgams do their part to fight copyright infringement while still allowing people to share files.

How they work.

So now that you know what file sharing programs are you may be wondering exactly how they work, how to protect your computer and if its safe. After all, viruses, spyware, and identity theft are some of the top priorities when it comes to downloading and file sharing. No matter what type of service you use it is a good idea before opening any files that you scan with a virus and spyware scanner.

While many file sharing programs do not have ad or spyware it does not have control over what is on the computers that you will be sharing files with. Many file sharing programs make use of P2P networks. They use software to provide a way for people to search for the files they are looking for and pull up results.

When you click on these results you will download the file to your computer.

You may notice it says 1, 2, or even 10 hosts. This means that there are that many people who have the file that you clicked and you are downloading from both of those people. In many cases, it is a faster way to get files than other methods except for direct download.

You can think of file sharing as a method that sits between torrent files, which can be incredibly slow because you are downloading small pieces from dozens of places on dozens of different types of connections and speeds, and direct download.

There are two types of service that most file sharing programs offer. The first type is a free service.

This service has some obvious restrictions. It limits how much bandwidth you can use and also the number of results are going to be limited.

There may be some things that you will be unable to locate results on because of this restriction.

The next service type is called Pro and is a paid service. There are often three levels 1 year, 3 year and lifetime.

Lifetime is a single fee which gives you access for as long as you have the program, 1 year needs to be renewed every year and 3 year the same.

Paid services offer updates and technical support as well as a larger network for search results. It also gives you access to turbo connections which allows you to connect to locations with higher rates of speed to allow for faster downloading.


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