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Documents To Keep In A Safe - Some thing that we put off because we all think that we have plenty of time; is making sure that our family can find our documents we seem to forget that the unforeseen can happen.

Is That A Fake Diamond On Your Hand Madam - With the technological advances of today it is just about impossible to tell a fake diamond just from looking at it.

Ukulele Tab Learn Mary Had A Little Lamb With Ukulele Tab - Have you ever played a melody on your ukulele? Well, if not let this be the first time.

Feel the Guitar Beat - The reason why most people who try to play the guitar and are not "up to snuff" is that they give too easily.

Playing Guitar is A Passion for a Life Time - The first time I picked up a guitar and started learning guitar playing techniques my whole life changed.

Playing Guitar Chords - The final stage in learning to play the guitar is learning to play the chords.

Key Tips to Mastering the Guitar And Playing Great Solos - Take a trip with us as we examine at a few key tips for learning how to master the guitar.

Techno To Jungle To Drum And Bass Music History And Development Drum Guide - The invention of electronic instruments such as the Theremin and the Ondes Martenot in the 1920s and 1930s introduced a new method of creating music.

MP Music Downloads Are Enjoyable For Music Buffs - Once you have done this then your folder becomes accessible to other users on the P2P network.

The Art Of Microphone Placement When Recording Guitar - Like any other piece of kit, the same microphone can give tremendously different results depending on how it is used.

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